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Your own Superhero / Super Heroine
Why being a super hero/heroine, is not such a far-fetched idea.
Let it go.
A little something to consider when it's time to let go.
The Powerful You
You are so much more powerful than you know.
A Place to Turn to
There is always help available to you.
How to take Control of Your Day
A powerful practice to ensure have great days.
5 Steps to Bring Your Vision to Fruition
Bringing your vision to life is actually easier than you think.
An inspirational quote from Abraham Lincoln
Words from Lincoln that are still profound to your success today
Are They Helping or Hindering?
Why you shouldn't take for granted the company you keep.
You deserve it
Be good to yourself As many times as you can think of, give yourself a pat on the back. Give[...]
Yes, You Are God’s gift!
See yourself as God's Gift.Because you are. You may find it difficult to see yourself as God's gift because you[...]
“I can’t change” – The big lie (part 1)
"That’s Just The Way I Am" Have you ever said that? “That’s just the way I am”?  Or perhaps, "I[...]
No longer still, no longer small
In spirituality, there is this concept of a "still, small voice".  I've always understood it to mean that inner voice[...]
Monday Morning Blues
I frequently will ask people I meet (the waitress, delivery person, bank teller, etc.) how their day is going.  I[...]
What the stonecutter knows
How having the attitude of the Stonecutter will change your life. The Stonecutter hammers away day by day at the[...]
What actually happens
One in a series of articles about how affirmations really work. The Science of Affirmations teaches that when you use[...]
A lesson from “The Millionaire”
A valuable lesson I learned from a character on one of the silliest shows on television. In the famed 1960’s[...]

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