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Pay Attention to Your Intuition

We all have intuition, some recognize it more than others.  You might call it a gut instinct or feeling, you might call it Spirit, your first Mind, your Higher Self or something else.
Maybe you recognize it often, maybe not so much.
But your intuition is a part of your Higher Self that is connected to everything.  It is connected to all information, all knowledge, all ideas, all solutions and on and on.
The more you connect with your intuition, the greater your life will benefit. The more you will become aware of what’s available to your life.  And staying connected makes your life easier, more abundant, fulfilling and fun.
Remain aware.
Listen, breathe, slow down, tune in.
Each morning set an intention to pay attention to your intuition.
Journal each evening about how you recognized your intuition throughout that day.

About the Author Jack Roberts

After spending 2 years on the streets homeless in hs 20's, Jack realized that his mission in life was to empower others to rise above circumstances and step into their greatness. He has made that his life's work. In addition to Being the founder of Your Highest Potential, Jack is also an author. His book, "The Science of Affirmations" is considered to be the leading work on affirmations worldwide. Jack is also a Public Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Human Potential Coach, Law of Attraction Coach & Trainer,Vision Board Grand Master, Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified Transformational Hypnotist.

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