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One thing I’ve learned about people who are most successful is that they have things in their life they insist upon. Things that they must do on a consistent basis.
Things that are not negotiable.

So here’s the big question – What’s non-negotiable in your life?

What are the things that you must do every day or week or month?
It could be reading something inspirational, spending time with family, attending a spiritual center, or donating to a charity.

What takes the highest priority in your life?
Is it regular exercise, daily affirmations, volunteering, meditation, journaling, prayer?

What’s non-negotiable for you?

When you build your life around a set of standard practices that must take place, you build your life on a solid bedrock that will support and sustain your success.

____________________ (fill in the blank)  is non-negotiable for me.

About the Author Jack Roberts

After spending 2 years on the streets homeless in hs 20's, Jack realized that his mission in life was to empower others to rise above circumstances and step into their greatness. He has made that his life's work. In addition to Being the founder of Your Highest Potential, Jack is also an author. His book, "The Science of Affirmations" is considered to be the leading work on affirmations worldwide. Jack is also a Public Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Human Potential Coach, Law of Attraction Coach & Trainer,Vision Board Grand Master, Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified Transformational Hypnotist.

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