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Let it go.

It’s happened before . . .

You’re not the only one with your problem.
You’re not the first one to fall short.

If that has been part of your story, sorry to burst your bubble (actually, I’m not).

You’re not the first one to be betrayed, cheated, taken advantage of.
You’re not the only one to have it all fall apart.

It’s time to let go of the history, release the drama, put down the baggage.

You’re not the only one who’s struggling.
You’re not the first one to lose everything.

Perhaps you want to believe your situation is unique, or that you should be exempt, but that’s just not the case.

You’re not the only one to feel pain.
You’re not the first one to be lost.

Deep down inside, you know this already, I’m not telling you anything new.  But if you’re holding on to stories, excuses and “reasons” for why you’re not moving forward and taking action, you really have nothing and no one to blame but yourself.

I get it, it’s easier, perhaps even comfortable to stay in those places that feel like safe harbor.  No one wants to experience pain, loss or regret.  But this is the game, and if you play it right, the joy you’ll experience will far exceed the bumps and bruises and even the tragedies along the way.

AFFIRMATION: Excuses begone! I’m here to play full out and enjoy the ride.

About the Author Jack Roberts

After spending 2 years on the streets homeless in hs 20's, Jack realized that his mission in life was to empower others to rise above circumstances and step into their greatness. He has made that his life's work. In addition to Being the founder of Your Highest Potential, Jack is also an author. His book, "The Science of Affirmations" is considered to be the leading work on affirmations worldwide. Jack is also a Public Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Human Potential Coach, Law of Attraction Coach & Trainer,Vision Board Grand Master, Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified Transformational Hypnotist.

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