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Is it Good Enough?

There is a phrase that’s often heard in American workplaces: “That’s good enough for government work”.  The saying implies that doing just enough to get by is OK.

You and I both know that it’s really not OK, but is that something that’s showing up in your life?  How often could you put more effort or skill into a task or project but just don’t bother to?  And whether this applies personally to you or not, how often do you tolerate it from co-workers, friends or perhaps your kids.

Obviously when it comes to other adults, you may not be in a position to tell them to do better, but you certainly can encourage them to raise the bar. You can be an example yourself and at the very least, avoid conversations and interactions with them that support their unwillingness to bring their best.

Why bother?

How you show up at work (or anywhere else for that matter) is a reflection of who you are.  And how you show up has a direct correlation on what shows up in your own life.

Sure, it takes a little extra effort sometimes, perhaps a little extra time or discipline.  But that little bit extra has the effect of making a much bigger impact on your life overall.

Be willing to go beyond “good enough” and step into greatness.

About the Author Jack Roberts

After spending 2 years on the streets homeless in hs 20's, Jack realized that his mission in life was to empower others to rise above circumstances and step into their greatness. He has made that his life's work. In addition to Being the founder of Your Highest Potential, Jack is also an author. His book, "The Science of Affirmations" is considered to be the leading work on affirmations worldwide. Jack is also a Public Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Human Potential Coach, Law of Attraction Coach & Trainer,Vision Board Grand Master, Certified NLP Practitioner and Certified Transformational Hypnotist.

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