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Personal development is what we are all about.  Our courses are designed to help you create the best life possible.  This page will be ever growing as we add more and more courses in the future.  If you have any requests for specific courses, drop us an email on our Contact Us page.

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The Science of Affirmations

This is our flagship course and with good reason.  Everything in our world, all that we do, say and experience is based on affirmations.  
Most affirmations are unconscious which is why we often experience things that we don't really want.  TSOA teaches you how to create, control and monitor your affirmations so that you get the results you are looking for.

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Vision Board Mastery

Vision Boards are great tools but for most people, they just sit on the wall and are soon forgotten about.  In this powerful program, you can find out how to truly use the vision board to it’s greatest advantage in ways you were never even aware of.  

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Habit Mastery

When you master your habits - you can master your life.  Habit Mastery teaches you not only how to break bad habits, but to also create good ones that can last a lifetime.

The One

Lose weight and keep it off forever!
"The One" is the most effective health and fitness program you can find.  Based on using mind-power you can alter your health and fitness in ways that are fun, easy and effective.

Journey to Transformation

When your journey is a mission, you realize that there may be obstacles or setbacks along the way, but you have the mindset that you will overcome them.
"Journey to Transformation" will take you there and beyond

Step Into Your Power

“Step Into Your Power”  is a cutting edge program that will enable you to generate confidence, calm, power, energy, creativity, focus or any other state you need at any given moment.