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The Value of a Spiritual Practice

From time to time you’ll hear me talk about having a “Spiritual Practice”

I wanted to spend a moment with you today talking a little further about that.

When I speak of a Spiritual Practice, I’m not speaking of anything related to religion, thought I’m not excluding that either.  

To put it simply, I think it’s important for everyone to feel connected to something that’s greater than themselves. Something that’s not man-made or man-influenced.  What that looks like is for the individual.  But here’s why I think it’s important; when you are connected to something greater than yourself, there is a calm, insight, joy, peace, clarity and direction that comes with a spiritual practice greater than anything one could experience on their own.

Of course, along with such a practice comes the responsibility to nurture it, grow it and allow it to operate as a part of your life.  My experience has been that (as long as it’s not steeped in dogma, exclusion or rigidity) such a practice helps to create a truly rewarding life.

My spiritual practice is the heartbeat of my life.

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You do the Programming

Today, I’m going to give four easy to use self-hypnosis tools.

Let me start by giving you a very quick and easy understanding of what hypnosis is – it’s simply a matter of giving instructions to your sub-conscious mind.  The subconscious mind is receiving instructions from you all of the time but when under hypnosis, you are able to speak directly to the subconscious.  This allows the instructions to be incorporated deeper and faster.

There are a variety of ways you can do this:

  1. Self-hypnosis.  This can by done on your own or with the help of a guided professional or audio.
  2. Reading.  If there is something you really want to download into your subconscious, find some quality reading material and then make a conscious effort to read and re-read it for deep understanding.
  3. Meditation.  Start with the information you want to program, spend some time studying it, then go into contemplative meditation with your thoughts revolving only around that subject.
  4. Affirmations.  My personal favorite of course.  Since you can use affirmations virtually anytime or place, they are an extremely powerful tool for programming your subconscious.

Your life is run by the instructions in your subconscious mind.  If you want change in your life, you need to give the subconscious the instructions you expect it to operate from.  The more you expose your mind to an idea, feeling or belief, the deeper it goes.  This is how you program your subconscious mind.

AFFIRMATION: The power to transform my life is a wonderful gift that I appreciate and use.

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One thing I’ve learned about people who are most successful is that they have things in their life they insist upon. Things that they must do on a consistent basis.
Things that are not negotiable.

So here’s the big question – What’s non-negotiable in your life?

What are the things that you must do every day or week or month?
It could be reading something inspirational, spending time with family, attending a spiritual center, or donating to a charity.

What takes the highest priority in your life?
Is it regular exercise, daily affirmations, volunteering, meditation, journaling, prayer?

What’s non-negotiable for you?

When you build your life around a set of standard practices that must take place, you build your life on a solid bedrock that will support and sustain your success.

____________________ (fill in the blank)  is non-negotiable for me.

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The Real Check-in

Check in with yourself

I heard a startling statistic the other day.

The average user checks their phone between 110 and 150 times per day – WOW!

I heard this from one of my teachers, Michael Beckwith.  He went on to say suppose we checked in with ourselves that many times a day.  For me, that was another WOW!

So here’s my challenge to you: See how many times a day you can check in and see where you are in terms of your thoughts.  

Where are you in terms of taking care of your body?  How could you improve?

Where are you when it comes to how you are treating others?  What could you do better?

How are you feeling about your life, why are you feeling that way?  Do you need to change or perhaps enhance your feelings?

The more you connect with and remain aware of what’s going on with you, the more you will create the outcomes you desire for your life.

AFFIRMATION: I stay checked in, I stay connected, I stay present.

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“I’m gonna telllll”

“Ooooo, I’m gonna telllll”

If you grew up with siblings you no doubt heard that expression and probably even said it yourself.  And it usually meant that someone was going to be in trouble.  Today, I want to invite you to tell on somebody . . . yourself.

I want you to look in the mirror, and tell all of your secrets.  Those things that you feel and believe about yourself, that you know are holding you back.  Maybe it’s something you know you should change.  Maybe it’s a regret that you’re holding onto.  Perhaps it’s some unforgiveness that you’re harboring.

I want you to tell it, forgive yourself and release it.  If there are loose ends tied to it, work on the loose ends but let go of the story.  Relieve yourself of the burden of the feelings.

With that out of the way, I want you to fill that space by telling yourself all the good and wonderful about you

Praise yourself, brag about yourself, love yourself.  And all of this praise and love and good stuff, that’s something you can do everyday.

Ooooh, I got some good stuff to tell you!

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Happiness, Let it Shine!

A song from my childhood has been resonating in my heart recently:

“This little light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine…”

“Everywhere I go; I’m gonna let it shine…”

“All over the world; I’m gonna let it shine…”

“Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

During our few minutes together, I want to encourage all of you to let your lights shine!  What is this light: Happiness.

I want us all to share our happiness like a contagion. However, unlike measles, mumps, or chicken pox happiness is very much welcomed and opens the doors for transforming your life.

When I speak of spreading your happiness around, I am referring to happiness in all its forms:

Smiling, hugging, laughing, uncontrolled giggling, wildly dancing about, and all other joyous expressions.  I am encouraging us all to smile and hug the people we love (and want to love) and those who need more love (everyone) more often, laugh louder and longer.  Giggle in places that it is not always expected and/or accepted.  Lastly, let’s dance wildly in the grocery store, in the restaurant, at family reunions, and at our places of worship.  It is urgent that we spread this contagion as thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

Happiness in an “inside job”; what you have on the inside will be reflected on the outside. To ensure you have a full tank of happy, I suggest incorporating the follow habits into your daily life:

Practice Daily Gratitude:

Start and end each day with gratitude.  Before you leave the house to get on the freeway, expressway, or subway write down five things you are grateful for.  This will fill your conscious and subconscious mind with the good that surrounds you.  Additionally, having an eye for the good brings more good toward you (like attracts like).  Recognizing the abundance of good in your life and expressing gratitude for the good, has the potential to infuse happiness into your daily commute, your daily communications, contacts, and conversations.  End your day by writing 5 things you are grateful for. This will help you shake off the cares of the day, allows you to refocus on the things in life that matter, and lets the universe know you are open, ready, and available for more good.  All of which will of course increase your overall happiness quotient.

As you fill up on happiness, it will show in the beauty of your smile, the lilt in your step, the wiggle in your giggle, and the glow of joy that will surround you.

You mission is simple: Let your happiness shine!

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Let it go.

A little something to consider when it’s time to let go.

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Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Your intuition is a powerful force and you have total control over it. But only if you use it.

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You deserve it

See yourself as the most deserving person you know.

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