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The Value of a Spiritual Practice

From time to time you’ll hear me talk about having a “Spiritual Practice”

I wanted to spend a moment with you today talking a little further about that.

When I speak of a Spiritual Practice, I’m not speaking of anything related to religion, thought I’m not excluding that either.  

To put it simply, I think it’s important for everyone to feel connected to something that’s greater than themselves. Something that’s not man-made or man-influenced.  What that looks like is for the individual.  But here’s why I think it’s important; when you are connected to something greater than yourself, there is a calm, insight, joy, peace, clarity and direction that comes with a spiritual practice greater than anything one could experience on their own.

Of course, along with such a practice comes the responsibility to nurture it, grow it and allow it to operate as a part of your life.  My experience has been that (as long as it’s not steeped in dogma, exclusion or rigidity) such a practice helps to create a truly rewarding life.

My spiritual practice is the heartbeat of my life.

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Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Your intuition is a powerful force and you have total control over it. But only if you use it.

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No longer still, no longer small

In spirituality, there is this concept of a “still, small voice”.  I’ve always understood it to mean that inner voice of God/Spirit/Higher Self.  That voice that you can hear guiding you when you allow your mind to get quiet, when you stop to pay attention to your intuition.  Yea, that voice.

But I’ve noticed in my life that I have a problem with that voice.  My problem is that it is too often drowned out by a big, loud, active voice. The voice of old thoughts, habits, fears, regrets.  The voice that tells me it’s OK to be a little lazy (when I should be working) – the voice that says, “you can’t do that”  . . .  “you remember what happened last time?” . . .  the voice that says “that challenge is too hard right now, let’s be disciplined when we get stronger”. . .  Yea, that voice.

One day I realized that my problem was my two “voices” have their roles reversed . . . and it was my own fault.  But I decided it was time for my “still, small voice” to be still and small no longer.  By the power and authority vested in me I flipped the script.  It’s time, I told myself, for the voice formerly known as still and small to take over and guide me, inform me, inspire me and uplift me in big, bold powerful tones.

I invite you to turn up the volume on Spirit in your life.  When you do you will find that you see more clearly, think more sharply, act more deliberately, receive more greatly, believe more deeply and walk more boldly.  All of this in a consciousness greater than ever before.

But what about that other voice – the one that is dominant for most people?

Just as you make the choice to turn up the volume on the no longer still and small voice, you can make the same deliberate choice to turn down the volume of the other.  You can make a conscious decision to stop paying attention and giving power to the voice -the ideas, the beliefs, the habits, the fears – that no longer serve you.

You have the ability and the authority to choose the guidance that you will follow in your life.  Make that choice today.

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