About Us

Our mission statement pretty much sums up what we are all about:

Our mission is to help individuals create the life they deserve and desire.

We do this by providing the most effective training programs, tools and resources available.

Meet the man who started it all:

I was in my early 20's when I had a major shift occur in my life.  As a young man with no direction and very little understanding of how to handle adult responsibilities, one day I found myself without a job.  Soon after, without an apartment, and suddenly, on the streets.
It was a cold hard shock to me and I was lost, confused, angry, scared and very depressed.  But I was also determined to somehow, get my life back on track.
Eventually I found a job and I can still remember the day that I was able to afford to move from homeless shelters and park benches into a real apartment once again.  My two year nightmare was over.  At the same time, a new chapter in my life had been birthed.

During my time on the streets, I discovered the world of Personal Development.  Somehow, I got a hold of a tape set of "The Psychology of Winning" by Denis Waitley.  I listened to it every day and when I got back on my feet, I knew what I was meant to do in my life.  I did not want anyone to have to experience major life upheavals and not have the tools to handle them.  It became my life's work to eventually become a transformational teacher.

My desire for you is that you find resources here that will help you on your journey into Your Highest Potential and beyond.

Successfully Yours,

Jack Roberts

CEO, Your Highest Potential

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